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Staff Profile

Doctor Ahmed Veriava

QualificationsBA, BAHons, PhD
Phone 0117179999
Organisational Unit Political Studies


Social movements, labour studies,  biopolitics, governmentality, resistance, service delivery, nationalism, basic services

Biko, Foucualt, Agamben, Hardt and Negri, Fanon, Marx 

Ahmed Veriava is researcher, writer and a recent addition to the Department of Political Studies. His interests include political theory and social movements. He recently completed a PhD focused on the impact of social movement mobilisations on frameworks for the delivery of basic services in Johannesburg.




Human Rights Handbook for Southern African Communicators, Ansell and Veriava, Institute for the Advancement of Journalism, 2000


Know Your Rights: Access to information Handbook, Ahmed Veriava, Freedom Of Expression Institute, 2003


Arresting Dissent: State Repression and Post-Apartheid Social Movements, Dale McKinley and Ahmed Veriava, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, 2004; republished by Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010


‘Forgotten’ Voices in the Present, Dale McKinley and Ahmed Veriava, South African History Archives, 2009



Book Chapters


Unlocking the Present: Two Theories of Primitive Accumulation, Ahmed Veriava, in The Accumulation of Capital, edited by Arndt Hopfmann, Patrick Bond & Norman Chitonge, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 2006


 From Local to Global (& Back Again?): Anti-Commodification Struggles of the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee in Johannesburg & Beyond, Ahmed Veriava and Prishani Naidoo, in Electric Capitalism, edited by David McDonald, HSRC, 2008


Remembering Biko for the Here and Now, Ahmed Veriava and Prishani Naidoo, in Biko Lives, edited by Andile Mngxitama, Amanda Alexander and Nigel Gibson, Palgrave, 2008


Creepy crawlies, portapools and the dam(n)s of swimming transformation, Ashwin Desai and Ahmed Veriava, in The Race to Transform, edited by Ashwin Desai, HSRC press, 2010


Does Bamako Appeal? The World Social Forum versus the Life Strategies of the Subaltern, Barchiesi, Bohmke Naidoo and Veriava, in A Political Programme for the World Social Forum? Democracy, Substance & Debate in the Bamako Appeal & the Global Justice Movements, eds. Sen and Kumar with Bond, Waterman, CACIM & CCS, India and South Africa, 2007


Notes on Critique, in Rethinking Marxism, edited by Michelle Williams and Vishwas Satgar, Wits University Press, Forthcoming 2013


Predicaments of Post-Apartheid Social Movement Politics, in New South African Review 3, edited by Daniel, Naidoo, Pillay and Southall, Wits University Press, 2013



Published Research Reports


Re-membering Movements: Trade Union Movements and New Social Movements in Neo-liberal South Africa and Mauritius, Ahmed Veriava and Prishani Naidoo, Centre for Civil Society, September 2003



            Journal Articles


People Before Profits? A Review of Development and Social Change, Ahmed Veriava and Prishani Naidoo, Development Update, Vol. 4, 2003


Strategies and Tactics: Movements in the Neoliberal Transition, Ahmed Veriava and Trevor Ngwane, Development Update, Vol. 5 No 2, 2004


Re-membering Movements: Trade Unions and New Social Movements in Neoliberal South Africa, From Local to Global Processes, Centre for Civil Society, Vol. 1, 2005.



Book Reviews


Book Review: Richard Ballard, Adam Habib and Imraan Valodia (eds)(2006) Voices of Protest, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Vol. 43, No. 4, 482-488 (2008)