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Staff Profile

Professor Ruksana Osman

Position DEAN
QualificationsBA, HDipEd, BEd, MEd, PhD
Phone 0117174012
Organisational Unit Faculty of Humanities

Higher Education, Research Led Teacher Education and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Prof Osman also serves as convenor of the UNESCO Research Chair in Teacher Education for Diversity and Development.

. She is also an elected member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf).

R uksana Osman is Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

She has sustained a programme of research, primarily focused on her central interest in higher education. From this primary interest there are three thrusts that are discernible - equity, access and success in teacher and higher education, the nature of academic ways of knowing in teacher education and how these interact with other sites of knowledge production and finally ways in which teachers and students relate to each other through the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. These together have provided a useful lens to understand and explore the role of the university in a transforming society. This work has been widely published.


A list of select publications:


  • R. Osman., & H. Venkat. (2012). Research-led teacher education: Case studies of possibilities, Pearson Press, Cape Town
  • D. Hornsby., R. Osman & J. Ala-MAtos (2013).  Large Class Pedagogy:Interdisciplinary perspectives for quality higher education, Sun Press
  • R. Osman & N. Petersen. (2013).  Service Learning in South Africa, Oxford University Press

Journal Articles and book chapters

  • Nizeyimana, G and Osman, R. (2014)  Student teachers academic backgrounds and beliefs about teaching:  Predicting student perfromance and engagement in a developing country.  Education as Change, 18 (1), 77-90.
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