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Staff Profile

Associate Professor Edwin Etieyibo

QualificationsLLB, BAHons, MBA, MA, PhD
Phone 0117174316
Organisational Unit Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Social and Political philosophy
  • Social contract Theories
  • Applied Ethics
  • African Philosophy
  • Early Modern Philosophy

I got my PhD from the Department of Philosophy, University of Alberta, Canada. My dissertation (2009) was on “David Gauthier’s Moral Contractarianism and the Problem of Secession”, which critically examined Gauthier’s account of morality that links rationality with preferences explained by expected utility. Before joining the Wits’ Philosophy Department in 2012 I taught for a number of years both at Athabasca University and the University of Alberta.

I specialize in ethics, social and political philosophy, global justice, social contract theories/and history of, and have broad teaching and research interests and competence in history of philosophy, philosophy of children and education, epistemology, early modern philosophy (especially Descartes), bio-medical, business and environmental ethics, African socio-political economy and philosophy.

Some of my social and non-academic interests include operas and symphonies, sports, dancing, hiking, snow-playing, winetasting.

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Book Reviews
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Other Publications
“Africanizing the Philosophy Curricula in Universities in Africa”, Art Africa Digital (Becoming African) November, 2015.