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Fintech projects

The table below reports some of our industry and academic research projects (proposed and in progress)

Project Details
  Industry research
Tracking error optimisation The identification of an optimally performing portfolio (based on a performance ratio) constrained by a mandated tracking error
Front end for bank simulation engine Developing a new front end and augment the existing bank simulation tool.
Trading smartphone app Developing a fair, transparent trading app which can handle cryptocurrency, equity, fixed income, and other tradeable assets
Crowdfunding Development of a mobile-based crowdfunding platform for student funding: A mobile-based crowdfunding platform can enable students to raise funds for their education from a large number of small donors.
Peer-to-peer lending Creation of a peer-to-peer lending platform for student funding: A peer-to-peer lending platform can connect students who need funding with individual lenders who are willing to provide it. This can provide an alternative to traditional student loans and make funding more accessible to students.
  Select Academic Research Projects
Mergers and Acquisitions Using Machine Learning and AI to predict the success of Mergers and Acquisitions
Bankruptcy Prediction Using Machine Learning and AI to predict financial distress of African start-ups
Digital Financial Services Determine what policy, infrastructure, and other factors can drive successful transition to digital financial services especially during disruptions such as pandemics
Regulatory Aspects of Fintech Developing United Nations soft law for the ethical deployment of artificial intelligence, neurotechnology and robotics
ESG Optimisation ESG in finance: aspects of optimisation in the face of additional constraints
Asset Pricing Optimisation Optimising risk and return profiles of South African pension funds
Logit Modelling Assessing the accuracy of logit modelling in assigning credit card defaults