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Promoting Intersectional Development Research case study reports

Through collaborative partnerships with researchers based in the Global South, the Intersectionality Project produced the below 8 Case Studies and a synthesis Report on Promoting Intersectional Development Research. The reports document diverse application of an intersectional research approach.

1. Interrogating Intersectionality: Considerations on Critical Inquiry and Praxis for WIEGO’s Actionable Research | Authors: Ana Carolina Ogando, Siviwe Mhlana and Mike Rogan | Year: 2023

2. Navigating Intersectional Realities: On Syrian Refugee Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Lebanon | Authors: Sohayla El-Fakahany, Emile Whaibeh, Lina Abou Habib and Faysal El-Kak | Year: 2023

3. Undoing “Violent Extremism”: a Three Country Collaborative Research Study by the Women and Media Collective Foregrounding the Need for a More Complex Analysis of Women’s Experiences of Political Violence | Authors: Farzana Haniffa, Kumi Samuel, Kamala Chandrakirana, Sarala Emmanuel and Ponni Arasu | Year: 2023

4. Outcomes and Challenges in Adopting Intersectionality as a Method at InternetLab: Considerations for Research and Practice | Authors: Mariana Valente and Fernanda K. Martins | Year: 2023 

5. Using an Intersectional Lens to Build Stronger Evidence and Action at the Grassroots Level in India to Build a Comprehensive Response to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence | Authors: Sanjida Arora, Sangeeta Rege and Margo Mullinax | Year: 2023 

6. Intersectional Research for Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Forest Solutions in Nepal | Authors: Srijana Baral and Kanchan Lama | Year: 2023 

7. Applying an Intersectional Lens to Understanding the Social Determinants of Maternal Health in The Gambia: Insights from the SIMAH Project | Authors: Mat Lowe, Fatou Kinneh Ceesay and Priscilla Nyaaba | Year: 2023 

8. Intersectional Frames in Digitalisation Research: Revisiting a Study by IT for Change About Misogynistic Trolling Online| Authors: IT for Change | Year: 2023