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About Us

This multi-disciplinary school produces skilled public health practitioners appropriately trained to address the range of public health needs and challenges within South African and African settings. At the same time, the School nurtures independent academic endeavor designed to advance the acquisition of new knowledge.

The School promotes health through teaching, research and service. Its undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes embrace a range of public health disciplines including community medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics, health policy and advocacy, health economics, occupational health, rural health and social and behavioural change communication, the only Public Health school in Africa to offer this course.

Our research units are locally and internationally renowned, while our strategic partnerships extend from communities through to national departments and international collaborators. The School contributes actively to public health service delivery through public health medicine specialists and registrars, and leadership of government, university and professional committees and initiatives.

We enjoy a reputation of academic excellence, equity, human rights, social justice and responsiveness to the population health needs of South Africa and the African region.

Vision and Aim

Our vision is to be regarded as a leading School of Public Health in South Africa and in Africa, consolidating our international reputation for our research and teaching, innovation, academic excellence, responsiveness to community needs and the diversity of its staff and students.

We aim to sustain our leadership and comparative strengths in teaching, research, service and partnerships. Both within and outside the University, we will continue to be valued as a School that provides society with quality public health professionals, while playing a leading role in achieving improvements in population health and health system performance.