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About the Postgraduate Research, and Development Office

As a research intensive university, Wits is strongly committed to sustaining the “knowledge pipeline” through growing and nurturing the next generation of scholars, scientists and innovators.

The primary function of the Postgraduate Research, and Development Office (PGRDO), located in the broader Research and Innovation Office, is to oversee and implement the University’s Strategic Plan for Postgraduate Research Training.

Aligned to the Wits 2033 strategy, and guided by a broad theory of change, the goal of this office is to “Develop socially engaged postgraduate thinkers and innovators equipped to use knowledge for change in the country, in Africa and across the world.

Cognisant of the fact that doing so requires, the development of world-class research capacity and a strong and support research culture in our postgraduate students. In pursuit of these objectives, our focus is on:

  1. Implementing programmes that facilitate interdisciplinarity, innovation and an inclusive graduate culture
  2. Modernising information systems to enable evidence-based interventions
  3. Working with the DFO and FASO to increase the availability of and access to funding opportunities

The office acts as a cross-faculty, cross- and inter-disciplinary centre for postgraduate researchers that aims to enhance the overall quality of the postgraduate experience across all five faculties through:

  • Developing curricula and pedagogic models to support high-level research training
  • Monitoring the progress of our postgraduate students through the research process.
  • Encouraging and facilitating publication of postgraduate research outputs
  • Collaborating with the library to enhance the visibility of our postgraduate research outputs
  • Formulating policy on graduate studies
  • Working with the Office of the Dean of Students to build a facilitative and inclusive graduate culture