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About the Postgraduate Research, and Development Office

As a research intensive university, Wits is strongly committed to sustaining the “knowledge pipeline” through growing and nurturing the next generation of scholars, scientists and innovators. This commitment is enshrined in our current strategic plan which aims to provide each of our postgraduate students with a “swift, secure and stimulating” experience.

Located within the University’s central Research Office, the Postgraduate Research, and Development Office is responsible for realising this goal through coordinating strategic planning, student liaison, and researcher development across the five faculties of the Institution.

Specifically, the remit of the Postgraduate Research, and Development Office includes:

  1. Benchmarking Wits’ graduate programmes against global innovations and advancing the University’s internationalisation agenda
  2. Conceptualising, implementing and evaluating initiatives and interventions aimed at enhancing the scope, quality and efficiencies of the University’s postgraduate programmes
  3. Innovating postgraduate programming to sustain the enrolment, retention and graduation of high-quality postgraduate students from across the world
  4. Designing and implementing courses and programmes to support postgraduate research development (e.g. the G.O.L.D support programme, and writing retreats)
  5. Organising, convening and hosting postgraduate events that showcase excellence and stimulate inter-disciplinarity (e.g. the Postgraduate Cross-Faculty Symposium and PhD Seminar)
  6. Promoting the University’s postgraduate offerings through targeted communications and marketing