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Occasional Students

Applications to study in 2021 closed on 30 September

Students who already have an undergraduate degree, have the opportunity to take additional courses as an Occasional Student.

Occasional studies are only allowed if you already hold a degree. Occasional studies are for non-degree purposes, which means that you do not get a qualification (degree certificate or attend a graduation) but you receive an academic record with all the courses passed at Wits. When you want to continue with postgraduate studies, you can use both academic records and apply for the next qualification.

You do need to meet the prerequisites for the courses that you are interested in. If you do not meet the prerequisites, you first have to complete those courses before you can enrol in the course/s of interest. You have to pay for every course that you plan to register for in advance, before registration can take place.

If you are interested to follow this route, please download and complete the Occasional Study Application Form. Please bring the completed form, along with proof of payment of the application fee and copies of the required documents, to the Wits Plus office on the Braamfontein West Campus before the relevant closing date.


During lockdown period only (until further notice): you may email your application form with supporting documents to degrees.witsplus@wits.ac.za. Note that you may be required to submit hard copies of documents at a later stage. Registration may be cancelled if the certified copies are not in order.

For further enquiries, please contact one of the administrators directly:

Tel:   +27 11 717 9505 / 9506 / 9515 / 9471

Email: degrees.witsplus@wits.ac.za