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The department of is running an undergraduate and a postgraduate programme. Each programme includes lectures, tutorials, preclinical, laboratory and clinical work.  

The undergraduate programme focuses on orthodontics preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatment, that include practical demonstrations, followed by clinical discussions (clinical examination, record taking, diagnosis and treatment planning), initiation of treatment and treating to completion allocated cases.  

During the postgraduate programme, students undertake an extensive, continuous, full-time course as well as supervised clinical training by expert orthodontic faculty in various orthodontic techniques.   The programme equips specialising dentists with skills to manage the full range of dentofacial discrepancies- most common being cleft lip and palate; an array of malocclusions – dental and skeletal and interdisciplinary cases like ortho-perio, ortho-prostho, orthognathic cases. They are also equipped with the skills for practice management and to deal with the psychological aspects of orthodontic treatment.