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Geopolitics, technology wars and global supply chains: Implications for Africa

- Professor Mzukisi Qobo and Associate Professor Mjumo Mzyece

Ongoing US–China geopolitical rivalry could harm Africa.

Journal: South African Journal of International Affairs

As in the case of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, when African countries were treated like pawns on a global chessboard, African countries risk getting caught in current US–China geopolitical tensions.

These are intensifying following the COVID-19 pandemic when many Africa states are facing their
worst socio-economic crisis since independence, as well as a sovereign debt crisis not seen since the 1980s. Africa is institutionally underprepared for the combined effects of these developments.

Partly, this is due to persistent governance deficiencies, a constrained global trading environment, and
economic under-performance continent-wide. And partly, this is accounted for by Africa’s marginal position in the global system.

This article outlines Africa’s potential development pathways against this harsh backdrop, assessing the options for African agency in response to geopolitical rivalries playing out in technology, global supply chains and trade.

Read the full paper here: Geopolitics technology wars and global supply chains Implications for Africa