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Research Paper: What to expect from a Biden administration in the MENA region

- Bernhard Trautner and Associate Professor Erin McCandless

A Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration offers potential for perhaps subtle but potentially catalytic changes for the MENA region.

Germany and Europe will find a partner who is interested in addressing the root causes of conflict in
the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and in building more sustainable social contracts in the different countries after the current pandemic. Undoubtedly, President Joe Biden will have to focus first on domestic challenges such as managing the effects of the Corona pandemic, dealing with a massive polarisation between the political camps, reviving growth, reducing the excessive influence of the arms lobby and repairing US diplomacy and development policy.

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There are many ways to frame a discussion about the peacebuilding–development nexus. At the most basic level, one can look at how peacebuilding intersects with or impacts development, and alternatively, how development intersects with or impacts peacebuilding. Paradigmatic perspectives inform how these intersections are understood and resultingly, guide action.

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