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The ANC risks a split but Ramaphosa should go for broke and fire Zuma

- Associate Professor William Gumede

South Africa and the ANC have been plunged into a constitutional crisis in a standoff between the party’s new leader and South Africa's president.

Jacob Zuma could face more than 700 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering, which preceded his controversial presidency, along with new claims to be investigated under an inquiry set up last month to probe allegations of Zuma having allowed state resources to be used to enrich his friends, particularly the controversial Gupta family – which he and they deny.

Yet as this power struggle continues, the longer it takes for Zuma to stand down, the more the authority, credibility and power of (and optimism for) deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa wanes. The longer Zuma stays, the more the chances of the ANC winning the 2019 elections deteriorate, along with Ramaphosa’s ambition of finally becoming South Africa’s president.

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