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Staff profile: Dr Chelete Monyane

- Kemantha Govender

Using law for social justice

Dr Chelete Monyane, an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, was recently appointed as a senior lecturer at the WSG.

His knowledge in international law in humanitarian practice, public security, justice and rule of law, ethics and governance, social protection and social security law, the role of public interest litigation to enhance accountability, using law as an instrument of social justice, corruption, money laundering and competition law (mergers and acquisitions) will be invaluable to WSG students.

Getting to know Dr Monyane:

What are you looking forward to in this next chapter of your career?

To contribute significantly to ensuring that public governance is widely entrenched, to develop yardsticks and benchmarks on the best accountability models in public governance.

I want to assist in knowledge production and information sharing through groundbreaking research. Once again, to use the law to advance human rights and equality in public governance and by raising issues of broad public concern for different spheres of governance. 

I also look forward to advancing knowledge of public elected officials on the significance of oversight, accountability and how to act ethically within the remit of their powers. 

How do you feel the areas you will teach will contribute to understanding bigger issues in South Africa?

They will contribute towards building trust in state institutions; they also assist in ensuring that the twin challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequalities can be eradicated through the efficiency in the delivery of services.

It will further help to grasp the dynamics around the governance, policy and development management within the broader dynamics of the constitution. They should contribute towards what scholars have termed as ‘transformative constitutionalism’ which is a commitment to substantive equality and improving socio-economic conditions. They will further assist in ensuring for a gradual shift towards a ‘rights based approach’ in public governance, which should be implemented across all the spheres governance.

What are your research interests?

  • International criminal law
  • Justiciability of socio-economic rights
  • Access to justice, rule of law
  • Crime and policing
  • Money laundering, white collar crime
  • Democratic consolidation, public accountability and oversight

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I like jogging and I am an amateur long-distance runner. I am told jogging helps to fight the belly but I have not been lucky with that regard. I also spent most of the time learning about cooking and trying to be a good husband.

When you are not in the classroom, what do you enjoying doing?

Reading newspapers, current affairs, trends in the legal profession and politics.