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Masters of Management in the field of Governance now offered at WSG

- Kemantha Govender

The Wits School of Governance launched the most flexible and choice-based Master’s programme in South Africa – Master of Management in the field of Governance.

Launched in late October, this latest offering is a response to the challenges of governance in South Africa and Africa while translating WSG’s commitment to transforming its curriculum into reality. This programme will commence in 2019.

“As the public sector changes in response to societal change, there is a need for officials who can interpret complexity, take decisions and execute policy in this multifaceted environment. The MM in the field of Governance provides these skills and also enables students to choose thematic areas and courses to hone in and further develop their expertise,” said Dr Ivor Sarakinsky, Academic Director at WSG.

Sarakinsky said governance is about steering democratic public institutions so that they respond to and meet the needs of citizens. “This entails numerous inter-related tiers of government, structures and systems. Skilled, pro-active, managers and decision makers enable governance systems to deliver quality public services to citizens, especially the poor and excluded.”  

The coursework and research components of this degree will build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, key requirements for elected and appointed public officials. “This degree will empower students to specialise in both their personal intellectual and professional development,” said Sarakinsky.

Head of School, Professor David Everatt said this programme is apt for the School given the vibrant community of students and interesting crop of lecturers WSG attract. “With the new specialisations in this Masters, we are offering a very exciting intellectual journey for people and  I do think this School has very particular things to offer,” Everatt added.