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What do our students say about our African, Asian and European language courses?


We at Wits Language School pride ourselves on offering a range of courses designed to meet your needs. The language courses that we offer regularly – IsiZulu, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Portuguese – were selected on the basis of popular demand. 

When it comes to highly qualified teachers, Wits Language School has some of the best in the business. Our teachers are extremely knowledgeable mother-tongue speakers who have spent years developing strategies to help every participant in the classroom gain the most from the language-learning experience.

From the anonymous feedback which our students provide at the end of each course, it’s clear that they really enjoy these courses, referring to them as “fun, interesting and interactive”. Other comments include:

“The course material is very user friendly [with] excellent content!”

Every week there is something new … there were games, activities and pair work.”

“We always use the language in class so it helps to improve our speaking.”

Our teachers were rated as “professional, well-prepared and informed” professionals who “create a warm and encouraging environment”.  

We regard our teachers as outstanding on the basis of this feedback as it is clear that they go above and beyond to “make learning fun” and “provide valuable insights into the language.”  The majority of responses to our teachers can be summed up in this comment:  “My teacher is brilliant! He has a great way of teaching and incorporates all aspects of the history and culture into his lessons.”

For more information about joining one of our African, Asian and European language courses, click here.