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What are the advantages of a 7-week course?


If you are considering studying English in South Africa, you will have found a number of language schools that offer full-time English (or ‘EFL’) courses.

Wits Language School, as part of Wits University, aims to stay ahead of other schools by offering excellent courses which produce top students.

One of the differences between language schools is the structure of courses. Many schools accept new students on a weekly basis, while Wits Language School (WLS) only has one intake every two months.  This is because WLS courses run for seven weeks. This means that all the students in a class start at the beginning of a level and work through to the end of that level together. In this way you, as the student, develop your understanding step by step with the group. And because you remain with the same class of students for the entire course, you can build friendships that last a lifetime.

For students who join the course later than the official start date, we offer catch-up classes with one of our teachers so that you do not have to study what you missed on your own.

Language schools that have weekly intakes often run weekly tests to see which students are ready to move to the next level. However, Wits Language School only has mid-course tests and final course tests. Participation and homework is assessed throughout the course as we encourage students to engage with each other and enjoy learning through games and activities.

The teachers at WLS are always available to give students advice and encouragement as we are able to spend a full seven weeks with you and help you develop and improve your language skills as much as possible.

All of this makes for a fun, enriching course and overall experience that you will never forget!