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The ABCs of learning a new language at Wits


Wits Language School offers you a wide selection of part-time short courses in African, Asian and European (AAE) languages.

These courses are offered at three basic levels of language competency: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The courses are structured on a modular basis, with each competency level having two modules (A & B). In order to complete a level, you are required to attend two courses – Module A followed by Module B. You need to complete Module A courses before progressing to Module B. Similarly, you need to complete Level 1 before progressing to Level 2 and ultimately Level 3.

We run four intakes per year, the first of which started in January.  Below are the remaining intake dates for 2019:

  • INTAKE 2: 27 APRIL – 29 JUNE



If you are completely unfamiliar with the language you are studying, you are then placed in the Level 1 beginners’ course. You can start Module 1A at any intake throughout the year. This doesn’t need to be the first course of the year. If you are only able to start, for instance, in course 3 (13 July 2019), you can commence with your studies at beginner level. 

If you are already able to speak the language to some degree when you sign up for one of our AAE courses, you will do an assessment to determine your level of proficiency for that language and will be put into the correct level. The more advanced courses, however, are only run on demand, with the result that the start dates depend on student numbers.