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Never too old to learn a language


"I'm too old to learn a new language." Does that sound familiar? Perhaps you've said those words about yourself.

But is the window of opportunity for language learning really limited to childhood?

While it's true that adults and children don't learn in the same way, there is plenty of evidence that adults have some real advantages when it comes to learning another language. 

One of the biggest benefits you have as an adult language learner is your existing knowledge and experience. As a fluent speaker of your native language, you have something to compare your second language with, allowing you to make connections between the two. What's more, adults have already developed study skills, learning strategies, and memory techniques that work for them. As a result, they may actually do better than younger learners in learning vocabulary and understanding the structure of the language. 

The motivation for learning a language is also an important factor. Where children might struggle to stay focused, an adult can stay on track, keeping his or her goal in sight. Whether you want to learn a language for professional advancement, for personal development, or to understand another culture, having a clear motivation will keep you focused and productive. 

The biggest problem you might face in learning a new language could turn out to be your own doubts about your ability. Don't let them stop you! Success in learning a new language is possible – at any age.