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Our English as a Foreign Language courses run from January to December every year, and you may enter any level at any time throughout the year.

We get many questions asking us about our courses and when students can start, so these questions explain how our courses are meant to work: .
Q: Do I have to start at Level 1 (beginner level)?
A: Not necessarily. When you register with us we will give you a short written test to assess the level of your English. We will also have a short conversation with you to determine your level of communicative English. This with your written test, will help us decide which level best suits you. 

Q: Can I only start in January?
A: No, you can start at other times in the year, depending on our course dates.  We have six courses during the year and you can choose which one suits you. 

For example, these are our courses for next year (2019):

  • Course 1 - 10 January – 27 February 2019
  • Course 2 - 4 March – 25 April 2019
  • Course 3 - 6 May – 24 June 2019 
  • Course 4 - 8 July – 26 August 2019 
  • Course 5 - 2 September – 22 October 2019
  • Course 6 - 28 October – 13 December 2019 
  • Our Last course for 2018 runs from 22 October to 7 December 2018. 


All our levels (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced) are available during each of these courses and are not dependent on the number of students in each class.  In other words, even if there were only two or three students for a level, that class would still run.

Q: How long is each course and do I get a certificate at the end? 
A: Each course runs for seven weeks, and you get a Wits Certificate of Competence on successful completion of the course. 

Q: Can I work while I’m studying here? 
A: Yes, your study visa entitles you to work 20 hours per month. 

Q: Will I be safe? 
A: Yes, Wits University has 24-hour CCTV coverage and security officers who patrol the whole campus 24 hours a day. 

Wits Language School would like to welcome you to study in a safe and secure environment.