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English as a Foreign Language - what our students say


One of the best things about being an English teacher at Wits Language School is that our students stay in touch with us once they have finished their studies.

We love to hear what they are doing, and how they are managing with their studies or new jobs.

One of our past students is now studying Engineering at the University of Johannesburg, and had this to say about his experience at WLS:

I have learned English at Wits Language School, which is most definitely the best English centre in South Africa, and I spent a year there. 

Being at Wits was one of the best experiences of my life. The way of teaching English is unique and the teachers are wonderful people – they make English easy to learn with fun. What I liked the most about being there is the fact that we meet people from all over the world – people from overseas come to South Africa for Wits. The teachers always made us feel like a family and I think that is the greatest part with Wits. 

(Boniface Yusufu, First year Engineering at UJ)

Our current students are also keen to tell us what they enjoy about Wits Language School, and why they chose us to further their English studies. Here are some testimonials from current students at different proficiency levels:

I chose WLS because all of my friends suggested it. They thought WLS is the best English school in Johannesburg. 

I have also made some new friends since I’ve been here. My English has improved because I am learning the grammar rules, and before this course I couldn’t speak accurately. I am studying English because it will be useful for my work, and the highlight since I’ve been here is my teacher.

I’m so happy with my teacher because I’m not a self-confident person when I try to speak English. She has helped me so much to overcome this problem during my course. 

(Dilana Tasdemir Diken, Level 4- Intermediate)

I heard about WLS with a friend who studied here last year. I chose WLS for being a renowned school and because I was quite sure that here I could get the skills that I needed to improve my English. My English has improved a lot and I’m feeling more confident about it. 

In future when I have finished my English studies I am planning to implement all the knowledge acquired here in my work and social life in order to become fluent in English. I will also recommend WLS to any person who intends to learn English in South Africa.

During my time here, my highlight has been the great teacher that I had (who is kind and patient), the way she teachers that encourages us to improve, the tools used during the classes, the kind and competitive classmates that I have as well as the good atmosphere that has been created for us during this level.

(Antonina Sumbana, Level 4 – Intermediate)

My name is Nathan. I’m from DRC. I heard about Wits Language School from friends. I came to Wits Language School because I want to learn English for my studies. I decided to study in South Africa because I want to be a pilot. The aviation course is cheaper in South Africa. I like Wits Language School because it has good information. I have made many friends from different parts of the world. I enjoy the school outings. 
(Nathan Bazoko Mangobe, Level 1 – Beginner)