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CALS connects social justice and academia

- Lee-Anne Bruce

CALS is not only a law clinic, but also a research centre at Wits University. We have a unique role to play in connecting social justice and academia

As both a social justice organisation and a university centre, CALS takes an approach which combines legal theory and practice – ensuring our work is informed by research and that our academic activity is supported by real world cases. CALS staff members are encouraged to pursue their own studies, research and teaching as part of their work here. 2019 has seen a strong show of academic activity already. 

Teaching and Supervision

Being based at a centre of Wits University, staff members at CALS are well placed to provide training to students that integrates theory and practice. Teaching and supervising also gives them an opportunity to enhance their own academic careers. This year, three of our staff members are teaching essential undergraduate LLB courses at Wits University: Palesa Madi is teaching Introduction to Law, Stanley Malematja is lecturing Jurisprudence and Dr Esther Gumboh is taking on Criminal Procedure. Over at the University of Pretoria, Louis Snyman has given a series of guest lectures on Environmental Law. A number of us are also supervising Independent Research Essays. 

Further Studies

CALS is proud to have a number of staff members who are continuing their studies in a variety of disciplines. This year, Louis Snyman has completed and submitted his PhD thesis at Wits University. Sheena Swemmer is  studying towards her PhD at the University of Johannesburg and Phindile Khulu is completing an LLB degree through Unisa. At Wits University, we have Palesa Madi, Amelia Rawhani, Matimba Hlungwani and Lee-Anne Bruce studying towards an LLM, Postgraduate Diploma in Law, MA in Social Work and an Honours in Creative Writing respectively.

We are committed to assisting our staff to develop academically and provide support in any way we can – from offering study leave to providing financial assistance. Since we are a part of the University, we are also very fortunate to have all the degrees being completed at Wits fully covered by the University’s staff bursary programme, and degrees at other universities partially covered for full time staff.