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Register for Public Interest Law Gathering

- Lee-Anne Bruce

A Coming Together of Public Interest Law Practitioners in South Africa


Tuesday and Wednesday, 30 – 31 August, 2016

Venue: University of the Witwatersrand, School of Law

 Some of the Topics to be Explored Include:

Political Parties in Public Interest Litigation

Universities as Sites of Struggle

Litigation vs. Advocacy: Do We Have to Choose? Spotlight on the “Hands Off Our Grant Campaign”

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Strategies for Public Interest Work

A Southern African Regional Perspective on Prison Health

Parliamentary Oversight and the Right of Access to Basic Education: The Need for Accountability

Managing and Curbing Unauthorised Land Occupation

Foxes and Henhouses: How to Ensure the Independence of Key Public Institutions

Taking the Law into Our Own Hands:  Exploring Interdisciplinary Strategies for Victims of Gender-based Violence

Is it as Simple as Black and White? Race, Racism and Relations in Contemporary South Africa

Watching the Watchers:  Assessing the State of Surveillance in South Africa

Marginalisation of Transgender and Intersex Persons Human Rights in Southern Africa

Prodding ProBono: Community Service and the Legal Practice Act

Mobilising the Media(s) to Advance Rights: Case Studies in Using Media in the Quest for Social Justice


Go to to register.

Registration is mandatory and will close on 19 August 2016.