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Recent books by alumni


Fiction, history, popular science – it’s all there in our alumni bookshelf


Luke Alfred (BA 1986, BA Hons 1987)
Early One Sunday Morning I Decided to Step Out and Find South Africa

Travel/current affairs

Kevin Bloom (MA 2009) and Richard Poplak
Continental Shift: A Journey into Africa's Changing Fortunes 

Short stories

Ivan Vladislavic (BA 1978, BA Hons 1979)
101 Detectives


Martin Plaut (BA Hons 1977)
Promise and Despair: The first struggle for a non-racial South Africa

Noor Nieftagodien (BA Hons 1994, MA 1995, PhD 2001) and Anne Heffernan
Students Must Rise

Harold Behr (MBBCh 1963)
The French Revolution

History/current affairs

Luke Sinwell (MA 2005)
The Spirit of Marikana

Philip Frankel (BA 1970, BA Hons 1972)
Long Walk to Nowhere: Human Trafficking in Post-Mandela South Africa


Mark Henning (BA Hons 1956, BEd 1963)
The Cross, the Sword and Mammon: A personal evaluation of the development of schools for English-speaking South Africans


Franco Busetti (BSc Eng 1978)
The Effective Investor

Nomcebiso Ngqinambi (Diploma in Speech & Hearing Therapy 1991, BA 1997)
Excuse Me, Who Gave You That Job


Bob Scholes (BSc 1978, BSc Hons 1979, PhD 1988), Mary Scholes (BSc 1978, BSc Hons 1980, PhD 1988) and Mike Lucas
Climate Change: Briefings From Southern Africa


Richard Viljoen (BSc 1961, BSc Hons 1962, MSc 1964, PhD 1970), Morris Viljoen (BSc 1961, BSc Hons 1962, MSc 1964, PhD 1970) and Carl Anhaeusser (BSc 1961, BSc Hons 1962, MSc 1964, PhD 1969, DSc 1983)
Africa’s Top Geological Sites


Helen Zille (BA 1974, PDiplEd 1974)
Not Without a Fight


Craig Higginson (BA 1994, BA Hons 1995, MA 2010)
Three Plays


N Chabani Manganyi (honorary DLitt 2008)
Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist


Mark Sandham (BA 1977, PDiplE 1978)
Cauliflower Cookery


Rehana Rossouw (BA Hons 2008)
What Will People Say?

Ian Steadman (PhD 1985, MBA 2001)
The Ryder Quartet 

Don Emby (MBBCh 1973)
31 Degree Crossing (The Silver Trilogy)