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Covid-19 Update 80: Thank you! 7 500+ vaccine certificates uploaded

- Wits Mvax Operations Committee

If you are experiencing glitches in uploading your certificate, this information might help. You can also log technical queries via

Over 7 500 staff and students uploaded their vaccine certificates to the Wits MVax upload portal yesterday. Thank you!

Some people have received communication indicating that their vaccination status could not be verified for various reasons. Thank you to those who have brought it to our attention – we are doing our best to troubleshoot the glitches. The information below may help.

  • The Government Vaccination Certificate System website URL: is not accessible when using Internet Explorer. Please try using the Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari browsers.
  • International students and staff, or persons who have international vaccination certificates/cards will be able to upload their vaccination certificate or vaccination card from 25 January 2022 to the Wits Wits MVax Upload Portal. Choose the option for “International Vaccination Certificate” from the drop-down menu.
  • Persons who were part of a Vaccine Trial or Vaccine Study will be able to upload their vaccination documents from 25 January 2022 to the Wits MVax Upload Portal. Choose the “Vaccination Trial/Study Certificate” from the drop-down menu.

Staff and students who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or elect not to be vaccinated on Constitutional grounds can apply online for Reasonable Accommodation from 25 January 2022. Read more about how to apply for reasonable accommodation on the Wits Vaccine Implementation Portal.

MVax Helpdesk

The MVax Helpdesk to assist with the manual uploads of vaccination certificates or any other queries will be set up on the ground floor of Solomon Mahlangu House from 25 January 2022. There will also be an MVax Helpdesk at the Assisted Registration area at Sturrock Park starting from 27 January 2022. Please visit the MVax Helpdesk for assistance or log technical queries via

Let us vaccinate to congregate!