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Students place trust in Wits as they vaccinate

- Wits University

Wits students who got the Covid-19 vaccine jab at the SABC vaccination site on Thursday morning say they chose to place their trust in Wits and science.

(l-r) Protected from the virus Tisetso Leshilo and Nare Moseu place trust in science

Final-year mechanical engineering students Nare Moseu and Tisetso Leshilo were among the first group of people to get vaccinated in Auckland Park this morning.

The upbeat Moseu said he was confident about his decision to vaccinate as the University has led vaccine clinical trials against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 (coronavirus disease).

“I know Wits will do the right thing. I know Wits won’t throw us under the bus,” said Moseu.

Leshilo said he was motivated to vaccinate after receiving information via email from the University with details regarding the vaccination process.

Witsies who are 18 years and older can get their Covid-19 vaccine at the Liberty vaccination site in Braamfontein and at the SABC vaccination site. Staff and students should check their emails for vaccination updates.

According to information from Wits’ Business Intelligence Services, approximately 85% of Wits’ student population fit in this age category and approximately 3200 staff members. Just over 1000 are under 18 and do not yet qualify for the vaccine.

Scott Smalley from the Faculty of Health Sciences, who is part of the University’s Wellness Forum and coordinator of logistics pertaining to the vaccination of the Wits community, said a large number students are registering to vaccinate at these sites, using the dedicated time slots for Wits.

Also in the queue to vaccinate was Tanaka Mapondea, who is studying industrial engineering at the University of Johannesburg. Mapondea said that a lot needs to be done to combat misinformation about the vaccines.

One such myth is that vaccines cause infertility and will change one’s DNA. Read six myths about the vaccines. Another myth causing delay in vaccination is the misconception that South Africa will be safe when herd immunity is achieved.  Scientists have dismissed the concept of herd immunity; herd immunity is not going to happen because the virus mutates so rapidly.  

Visit the University’s Covid-19 webpage for updated information and articles by Wits experts.