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Message from the Senior Executive Team

- Senior Executive Team

We hope that you are holding up during these very difficult times.

We are closely monitoring national developments and particularly the situation in areas surrounding our campuses. We are liaising with the Braamfontein Improvement District and we have placed Campus Protection Services on alert.

We know that many members of our community live, work and/or pass through Hillbrow, the Johannesburg CBD and surrounding areas. We urge you to take extra precautions if you are in these areas and to remain indoors as far as possible. Some of our research and clinical activities in Hillbrow have been affected and we are managing these units and incidents separately.

We condemn the acts of violence and criminality that have taken place in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal in recent days and we are hopeful that these disruptions will be contained soon.

Should you require assistance, please liaise with your respective line manager or Head of School. The Office of the Dean of Students is also available to assist students if required.

If you need to, please make use of the following services that are available to you:

Campus Protection Services (numbers at the back of your staff/student card) or call (011) 717-4444 or (011) 717-6666. Please read more about the mySOS App and download it – you don’t know when you may need it.

Save this link as a shortcut on your phone - there are several important health and wellness contact details on this page:

Confidential counselling services are available for students via the Wits Student Crisis Line on 0800111331 (24/7/365 toll free) or through arrangements made via

Staff and their family members can make use of Kaelo’s counselling services at no cost by calling 0861635766, by dialling *134*928, by sending a ‘Please call me’ to 0726205699, or by emailing

Take care and keep safe.


12 July 2021