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Have your say about life in Gauteng

- Wits University

One of the most significant social surveys in Gauteng is now underway.

The sixth iteration of the Quality of Life survey VI (2020/2021), which began end-October, enables Gauteng residents to share their perceptions and experiences of government services and their life in the province.

Based on a scientifically determined sampling process, randomly selected Gauteng residents are invited to participate by registered interviewers.

Should a registered interviewer approach a resident to answer survey questions, the resident is encouraged to add their voice to this important investigation.

The Quality of Life surveys are undertaken by the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) every two years. The GCRO is a partnership between Wits University, the University of Johannesburg, Gauteng Provincial government (GPG), and organised local government (SALGA). Residents are questioned about a range of issues affecting all aspects of their quality of life and well-being.

“The survey is essentially funded by taxpayers through the funding provided by GPG and the three metros, so encouraging participation is one way in which we can ensure the work is underway in the service of residents,” says Dr Julia De Kadt, Senior Researcher at GCRO at Wits.

For the 2020/2021 survey, over 13 000 adults across all 529 wards of Gauteng will be interviewed. Particular focus areas include service access and satisfaction, government satisfaction, transport, health, social mobility, gender-based violence, and the impact of Covid-19.

GCRO Quality of Life Survey Investigators

Enabling effective service delivery

The Gauteng city-region has over 15 million residents, contributes 34% to the national GDP, and is the heart of the national and regional economy. This survey provides valuable information to ensure that provincial and local governments can plan and deliver services effectively in the region.

The survey results also provide researchers and the public with insight into the lives, experiences and attitudes of Gauteng residents. As well as being used by government, findings are typically reported in the media and in academic research.

“The Quality of Life surveys provide invaluable data to provincial government and all municipalities in the province on a wide range of critical issues, from progress in meeting basic needs, to citizen satisfaction, social cohesion, health, employment, entrepreneurship and transport, amongst others. The results of the survey are utilised intensively, especially where service delivery is weak,” says Mr Rashid Seedat, Head: Delivery Support Unit, Gauteng Provincial Government.

Excellent survey standards

GeoSpace International, a field survey company with over 20 years’ experience in field survey implementation and operations, will conduct the interviews on behalf of the GCRO.

Randomly selected adult residents at randomly selected dwellings across the province will be interviewed.

A trained interviewer will interview one respondent per dwelling in the resident’s preferred language and all responses will be captured on electronic devices. Responses to survey questions are confidential and data is anonymised for use.

The Wits University Human Research Ethics Committee (non-medical) has approved the survey and strict Covid-19 protocols are in place: The data collection team uses private transport; all team members are screened twice daily; data collectors have had extensive Covid-19 prevention training; and hand sanitising, masks and visors are used.

Residents should look out for data collectors carrying identification. Residents who are approached to participate in the survey are welcome to contact the GeoSpace call centre to verify an interviewer’s identity. Results of the survey will likely be announced mid-2021.

General enquiries about the Quality of Life survey and access to data

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About the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO)

The GCRO is a research institute that helps to build the knowledge base that government, business, labour, civil society and residents all need to make the Gauteng City-Region competitive, spatially integrated, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. The GCRO collects data and benchmarks the city-region; provides policy analysis and support; undertakes applied research; publishes critically reflective academic work; and participates in international conferences and exhibitions. GCRO is a partnership between the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng Provincial Government, the University of Johannesburg, and organised local government in Gauteng (SALGA-Gauteng).

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