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WitsX launches new online course: Digital Transformation and the IT team

- Wits University

Wits University’s has released a new online course aimed specifically at IT and business professionals.

MOOC on Digital Transformation and the IT team

Digital technologies are no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department, and IT can no longer be viewed simply as a support function within organisations.

Wits University’s free, online learning platform, WitsX (on the edX platform), has released a new course aimed specifically at professionals in the information technology field.

The Digital Transformation and the IT team course will help IT professionals understand what digital transformation truly means, how it impacts organisations, how it changes the role of the IT team, and reorient their thinking to a digital business approach.

This course explores the movement from an IT paradigm to a digital business technology (BT) paradigm. It also provides a deep view of the environment of simultaneous chaos and order in organisations that are rapidly digitising. Finally, learners will learn about the impact that digital transformation has on the role of IT and CIO teams. This information is critically needed by both IT and business professionals who are reorienting themselves towards a digital business approach.


In 2014 Wits University became the first African University to partner with edX, the online learning destination founded by MIT and Harvard to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) to a global learning audience.

The first three MOOCs on the WitsX platform was launched in 2016 and to date close to 48 000 students have enrolled for eight courses on the platform. Three more will be added to WitsX and will start running in the first half of 2019.