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Warning against scam phone calls

- Wits University

University warns students against anonymous calls, threatening students with expulsion.


It has come to our notice that anonymous calls purporting to be from the University are being made to students, threatening them with expulsion. Please note that the University does not make anonymous calls to students regarding their academic status. University officials will identify themselves to students and will usually invite a student to a discussion on any issue pertaining to academic matters.


The four major mobile operators in South Africa – Telkom, Cell C, Vodacom and MTN have agreed to provide mobile data services for students to access academic material until the end of the year. Telkom and Vodacom are active and MTN and Cell C should be activated shortly.

How does it work?

Students with a mobile prepaid or post-paid SIM card will be allowed to access selected Wits websites, Sakai and e-learning sites without paying for data consumption. The service is free within the borders of South Africa. Any roaming charges will have to be paid for by the subscriber (student). The network will log and monitor the data usage and report on it but will not charge the user or the University for the use.

Which sites can students access without paying?

Students will not pay for access to the following sites:

Sakai - LMS                                                            


Library resources                                                    


Bus timetable                                                        

Password reset registration                                

Password reset                                                      

Self-service for students                             

Wits dining                                                            

School of Therapeutic Sciences - LMS                

The Wits My Labs Plus Educations Service has also just been added to the list of URLs for which students won’t pay.