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Free mobile data for students

- Wits University

Telkom, Cell C, Vodacom and MTN have agreed to provide mobile data services for students to access academic material until the end of the year.

Telkom is already active and Vodacom should be active by Friday. MTN and Cell C are still to be activated.

How does it work?

Students with a mobile prepaid or post-paid SIM card will be allowed to access selected Wits websites, Sakai and e-learning sites without paying for data consumption. The service is free within the borders of South Africa. Any roaming charges will have to be paid for by the subscriber (student). The network will log and monitor the data usage and report on it but will not charge the user or the University for the use.

Which sites can students access without paying?

Students will not pay for access to the following sites:

Sakai - LMS


Library resources  


Bus timetable

Password reset registration

Password reset

Self-service for students

Wits dining

School of Therapeutic Sciences - LMS

Update from the Senior Executive Team (17:00):

Academic programme 

The academic programme continued today without disruption. 


A fire was started in the Library on the Wits Education Campus this morning resulting in the burning of a shelf of books. Fortunately the fire was extinguished quickly and the damage was minimal. The police and Campus Control are investigating the incident.  

Arrests and suspensions

The University has learnt that two individuals, one of whom is a Wits student, were arrested by the police on charges related to public violence and arson two days ago. We have been informed that they are being held at the Hillbrow Police Station. 

We have initiated the suspension process for the Wits student. In the last four weeks, 13 students have been suspended.