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Witwatersrand University Mining Engineers Association (WUMEA)

The Witwatersrand University Mining Engineers Association was formed in 1954 as an association where WITS Mining Old Boys could get together on a regular basis and reminisce about the old times.

Over the years WUMEA has developed to become the most active of the University s alumni groups. WUMEA holds a monthly luncheon on the first Friday of each month at the WITS club; it holds quarterly meetings followed by a cocktail party; an annual Chairman s Cocktail Party to which all final year students are invited; a Sports Day in conjunction with AEL each year featuring golf, squash, darts inter alia; and lastly it holds the annual WUMEA rugby match between a WUMEA side and the current students for the Ted Edwards Shield.

Behind every good academic, stands hard work.

Just when the first WUMEA rugby match was held is not certain, but it is believed to have been in the early 60 s.
The TED EDWARDS SHIELD was named after Ted Windy Edwards, senior lecturer in Mining Machinery who was the most ardent supporter of the Miner s Faculty side. Interfaculty rugby was started in the mid-1960s and played on a Friday evening. Practices were unheard of and considered infra dig by the miners. But such was the spirit that the Miners won in the Interfaculty League the first five years in a row.

Click here to download full History of WUMEA.

Just a quick reminder about Annual Members Subscription Fee: Country members pay R30 per year, Town members pay R60. The payment arrangements are given in the attached file.