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Fields of Research

Our research cuts across four broad themes, asking crucial questions related to power, the public sphere, identity, mediation and everyday life.

Popular and consumer cultures:

  • How is the popular constituted in societies on the margins of the global economy?
  • How do media commodities flow across cultural and political borders, and to what effect?
  • How are gender, race and class identities constituted in media texts?
  • How is pleasure encoded in southern media forms? What are the politics of those pleasures?

Democracy, policy and decoloniality:

  • What role do media play in the ideologies and policies of development and democracy?
  • How can media texts and technologies be theorised in non-western contexts?
  • How do political and economic power operate though the media-scape in the decolonial age?
  • How might we move beyond normative approaches in researching these questions?

Digital media, interactivity and internet practices:

  • How are digital technologies used, regulated, and disseminated in southern societies?
  • What global and local power dynamics influence access to ICTs?
  • How is culture produced in digital form?
  • How is information privacy negotiated and mediated in the economies and cultures of the global south?