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Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loans (ILL) is a service which supports and enhances the University Library collections when these fail to meet the needs of the University academic staff and postgraduate students. ILLs are transactions between the libraries of institutions to facilitate access to information which extends beyond that held by any individual library, and there is usually a cost incurred. This service is based on the premise that no single library can meet completely the information needs of researchers.

Who can use this service?

This service is primarily for the use of the University academic staff and postgraduate students.


Requests from Wits University staff and students may be made using the Interlibrary Loans request on this web site.

Alternatively, requests can be made by e-mail, fax, or on paper forms available from the ILL office, or any Branch Library. The more detailed the information supplied (i.e. author, title, international standard book number (ISBN), edition, publisher and date of publication, in the case of books; and journal title, volume, date, author and title of article and page numbers, in the case of journals, the more rapidly the item is likely to be supplied.

NOTE: Inter-Branch Loans are available to staff only and are for loans to/from Main Campus, Education and Management Libraries only.  This service is not for loans between Main Campus and branches on the East and West Campus.


The central ILL service for the University is based in the Wartenweiler Library, on the East Campus of the University, and is situated on the First Floor.

Postal address: Interlibrary Loans
Wartenweiler Library
University of the Witwatersrand,
Private Bag X1
2050, South Africa

General inquiries: 27 (0)11 717-1951
Renewals: 27 (0) 11 717-1944

Wits University staff and postgraduate students contact: Cheryl Kortje, Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1945

Accounts: Sipho Ndlovu, Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1951

Requests from South African libraries for Wits Library materials: Sipho Ndlovu,
Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1944

International requests from external libraries for Wits Library materials:

Books and Theses:Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1951 Photocopies and Ariel documents: Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1951

Courier queries: Ronny Maphali  ,Tel: 27 (0)11 717-1951

Health Sciences Library

Wits Health Sciences Library requests should be made directly to WHSL. Email or phone 27 11 717 2350 for more information.

Monday – Thursday






Sunday 14h30-20h00