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Loan Periods

Type of User Number of Items Allowed Loan Period in Days
Undergraduate 6 7
4th Year and Honours Students 8 14
Masters Students 12 30
PhD Students 15 30
Wits Staff 30 45
Most corporate users 2 7
Most permit holders 2 7
Users of the Health Sciences Library Number of items according to user status as above 14 days for all items, all users, except for short loans
  • The number of items is the total of items of all kinds on loan at any one time from one or more libraries.
  • For more information about overnight items please see your branch.
  • The loan conditions for journals vary from branch to branch.


Renewals, Fines, Bookings & Holds

  • Renewals of loans are permitted unless a hold on the book for another user has been made. Holds are indicated under the STATUS column of the Location Box for any item. An item may be renewed up to four times if it is not required by another person. Renewals may be done by students in person at the desk, or online by clicking on "Requests" in the eWITS OPAC: if a hold has been placed on the item, or it is already overdue, the renewal will be rejected. Postgraduates and staff may also renew items by telephone.
  • Fines are charged to all users, regardless of status, for any items which is returned after the due date stamped on the item, and which has not been renewed. If a renewal is made after the due date, a fine will be charged for the period of time between the due date and the date the item is renewed. Fines are charged per day or per hour, according to the category of loan, and are incorporated into the computerised loan circulation system.

    Important Student Library Hold Information (SIMS hold) – Library SIMS (Student Information Management System) Holds may impact exam results access as well as registrations.

  • Bookings may be made online by users for any item where the instruction "Book this item" appears in the STATUS column of the Location Box of any item. Only items coded for overnight or in-library use can be booked for a specified date in this way.
    Please ask the library staff for help in doing bookings for the first time.
    Only the library staff may cancel a booking once it has been made
  • Holds may be placed on items which are out on loan to other users. On its return, any item for which a hold has been made will be kept for the user who placed the hold, for a short period of time. It is the responsibility of the user who places a hold, to check to see when the item becomes available.
    An item on which one or more holds have been placed will indicate 1HOLD, 2 HOLDS, etc, in the STATUS column of the Location Box.
    Please ask the library staff for help in placing a hold for the first time.
    A hold may be placed by the user but may only be canceled by the library staff.