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Postgraduate Studies

The Postgraduate Unit aims to constantly improve and streamline the processes to ensure that we provide effective and efficient customer service for our current students, prospective students, staff and all stakeholders. We intend to provide a warm and welcoming environment to all our clients with staff and student centeredness being the core of our business.

Please click on the name of each postgraduate matter below. For additional information on postgraduate matters you can click on the menu options on the left.

Health Sciences Postgraduate Information Booklet
Style Guide for Theses, Dissertations and Research Reports
University of the Witwatersrand's Postgraduate Funding Portal
Postgraduate studies - Application for Deferred Examination

Office of Student Success - provide student support towards academic success

The Counselling & Careers Development Unit (CCDU) - provide counselling services 

Postgraduate Portal - to communicate any challenges you have with your studies

Additional support for students - to report bullying and harrassment