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About Us

Overview: Centre for Rural Health

The conception of the Wits Centre for Rural Health (CRH)began in 2003 when the University’s Faculty of Health Science recognized a demand for rural health care improvements. These demands were broken down and key areas where highlighted and targeted.

The centre was seen as a long-term project but has since seen rapid growth where academic support and educational approaches are provided to both under- and post-graduate health care students. The promotion of focused and team-related tasks by the centre has lead to the aim of recruiting and retaining as many health science students within rural communities due to the current shortage of such practitioners. Furthermore, collaborative research is performed in order to pin-point areas of focus for future directionality.

It is together with the University, partners and sponsors that the CRH has been able to take an active stance in the improvement of lives to those in lower socio-economic environments through rural development, access, relevance and affordability.