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General documents for all students
General Undergraduate Downloads
  • 2023 Information for New and Returning Health Sciences Undergraduate Students - Updated 24 December 2022
  • 2023 Returning Undergraduate Student Registration Dates
  • Vaccination
    • Please, NOTE that there is going to be a change in the immunization schedules going forward. This is because, from 1998, the South African Child Immunization schedule was changed to include a standardized HBV vaccine in the program, for babies and this has been proven to offer a lifetime immunity. So, all  South African students who were born in 1998 or later will be REQUIRED to bring their Road To Health Cards (Baby cards) when they come for their Vaccinations, henceforth. These will get an MMR vaccine and a once-off booster dose of  HBV.
    • Due to limited availability of doses, each degree group will be contacted directly when they are scheduled for the vaccination.
    • Students who obtained a MMR and Hepatitis B vaccination privately or some time in the past must take the proof of this vaccination to Campus Health so they can determine whether a booster dose may be needed as well as for record-keeping purposes.

      All international students will get the standard 3 doses, of MMR and HBV, unless there is proof of vaccination.
  • Lockers
    • Students based at the Wits Medical School may apply to use the lockers placed in the building at a nominal fee.
    • Please complete the contract and return it to Mrs Christeleen Ontong Office 220, PVT Building
    • 2023 Medical School Locker Contract
    • No locker may be used unless this document was submitted. The Faculty reserves the right to remove and destroy the contents of all lockers that are illegally occupied.
Policy and Guideline Documents

This section holds important information about policies and guidelines around student conduct

Important Faculty Forms

Important form for applicants

  • Application for Deferred Admission
    • This form is to be used if an applicant has received a firm offer, but wishes to delay their registration to a following year. This is generally only approved in very rare instances, such as previously arranged religious studies.
    • This form must be submitted within 3 (three) days after receiving a firm offer. The firm offer must be accepted, otherwise it gets withdrawn.


Important forms for students

Undergraduate Special requirements

Special requirements for students in the Faculty of Health Sciences

  • First Aid Course
    • Compulsory for ALL undergraduate students in the Faculty.
    • Information on course scheduling will be communicated to all registered students.
    • Students who have already completed at least a Level 1 First Aid course through a training centre accredited by the SA Department of Labour may apply for an exemption. Submit your certificate to Ms Christeleen Ontong, Office 220, 2nd Floor Phillip V Tobias Building.
    • IMPORTANT: Absence from a booked session will result in additional charges raised on your fees account.
  • Computer Literacy Assessment
    • Compulsory for ALL undergraduate students in the Faculty.
    • Information will be sent to all new students.
  • Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
    • Registration with the HPCSA is compulsory for students in the following degrees:
      • MBBCh (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)
      • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science)
      • BOHSc (Bachelor of Oral Health Science)
      • BCMP (Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice)
      • BSc (OT) (Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy)
      • BSc (Physio) (Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy)
    • The Faculty will facilitate this registration process on behalf of all new students.
    • There is a payment required for this registration. The banking details and the required amounts are listed in the document below. Please ensure you use the correct payment reference, pay the correct amount for your degree and you send your proof of payment to the e-mail address on the document. Unfortunately it is not possible to add this amount to your Wits fees account as this is a fee levied by an outside licensing authority, not by Wits.
    • The deadline for payment is 17 March 2023. The HPCSA will levy a late payment penalty on students if they register late.
    • Failure to register with the HPCSA will result in the student being barred from any clinical teaching during their studies and will impact on future allocations for internship and community service placements.
  • South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)
    • Compulsory for all students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.
    • Registration will be facilitated by the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, who will inform students of the process during the academic year.
  • South African Nursing Council (SANC)
    • Compulsory for all students in the Bachelor of Nursing degree.
    • Registration will be facilitated by the Department of Nursing Education, who will inform students of the process during the academic year.
Information for 2023 First year students
Information for 2023 Second year students

2023 Anatomy Dedication Ceremony Announcement - Compulsory ceremony for all students who are registering for the first time for any course in the School of Anatomical Sciences.


Documents for Bachelor of Health Sciences II:


Documents for Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy II


Documents for Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy II


Documents for Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery II