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Alumni Webinar with John Sanei

When: Thursday, 30 September 2021
Where: Off campus
Start time:14:30


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Trans-For-Motion: Transforming at constant pace into the unknown future

John Sanei is a futures strategist who makes sense of trends and merges them so individuals and organisations can forge ahead with confidence and elevate their leadership vision. John has travelled virtually, locally and internationally. He has received global recognition for his keynote talks and masterclasses as Africa’s first Singularity University Faculty Member, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. He is the Co-Founder of the School of Modern Wisdom and The Expansive Podcast. He is the author of four bestsellers, including “What’s Your Moonshot?” and is currently working on his fifth. When not speaking, John’s training for the next triathlon and convincing friends, family and fans to adopt abandoned dogs.





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