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One Night in Africa

When: Thursday, 16 May 2024
Where: The Chris Seabrooke Music Hall
Braamfontein Campus East
Start time:19:30


Volley Nchabeleng: One night in Africa

One Night in Africa is a musical journey exploring African rhythms, instruments, heritage, and culture. This one-day concert offers the audience a rare opportunity to experience the Pan-Africanist approach to sound in celebrating Africa Month. This event is a celebration of the shining star of this concert, Volley Nchabeleng, a percussionist of global acclaim and an award-winning artist, his latest prestigious award as the 2024 Cultural and Creative Industry Awards (CCIA) winner.  With a career that spans international collaborations, commercial ventures, and theatre performances, his musical prowess resonates with diverse audiences and cultures in Africa and worldwide. His focus is on celebrating African musical heritage through sound that transcends borders, encompassing not only South Africa but also the diverse parts of the African continent. Book here

One night in Africa

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