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The governance of health data in South Africa

When: Tuesday, 30 July 2019 - Tuesday, 30 July 2019
Where: Braamfontein Campus East
PRF Auditorium, NICD, 1 Modderfontein Road, Sandringham
Start time:12:00

Dr Ciara Staunton, Senior Lecturer in Law at Middlesex University and a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Biomedicine, EURAC, Italy will present this seminar.

Recent years have seen the strengthening of data protection regulations and legislation across the world. These regulations seek to safeguard the rights of data subjects while promoting the movement of data. South Africa is no different and it has introduced its first comprehensive legislative framework on data protection: the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) No 4 of 2013. Due to come into force in 2020, it will change the governance and regulation of data in SA, including health data. This presentation will provide an overview of POPIA and outline the duties and responsibilities of the different parties that use health data under the new legislative framework.

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