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How many men does it take to run a country?

When: Wednesday, 25 October 2017 - Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Where: Parktown Management Campus
Classroom F, Mwalimu House (Research Hub)
Start time:12:00




Liv Tørres, Adjunct Professor in the Wits School of Governance and the Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo will present this lecture.

The broad democratic changes that happened in the early 1990s in many countries, including South Africa, generally became known with Samuel Huntington’s terminology as the “third wave of democratisation”.

Developments seemed set for a new path. Yet, 25 years later, we see democracy under pressure internationally and a new form of modern authoritarianism developing.

Despite international foundations being set on the ideals of liberal democracy, research by the Human Rights Foundation suggests that nearly four billion people in over 90 countries currently live under regimes that can be described as non-democratic. What happened with the third wave of democracy?


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