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Completed Higher Degree Supervisions

Maxwell Chuma. PhD. Reframing artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) as a livelihood strategy and the role of law in constituting livelihood assets. Completed 2021. Co-supervised by Dr Nellie Mutameri.

Louis Snyman. PhD. Environmental and spatial planning: Achieving sustainable development in sensitive areas. Completed 2018.

Naledzani Mukwewho. PhD. The emerging principle of free, prior and informed consent in development: Projects in the Limpopo province in South Africa. Completed 2018.

Michael Gerhard. LLM by Dissertation. Promoting resilience through water law and policy harmonization: A case study of the Zambezi basin. Completed 2018.

Sayuri Moodliar. PhD. Environmental damage by Multinational Corporations in developing countries: Finding an effective international law instrument for civil liability. Completed 2017.

Tsepang Leuta. PhD. Reconceptualising cemetery planning in South Africa. Completed 2017. Co-supervised by Professor Alison Todes.

Garufu Paradzai. PhD. An evaluation of the effectiveness of international law principles relating to the regulation of mineral resources in Africa: The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe experience. Completed 2015.

Emeka P. Amechi. PhD. The Millenium Development Goals and national and international policy reform: Realizing the right to a healthy environment. Completed 2009. Co-supervised by Professor Constantine Theophilopoulos.