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Faculty studios

Do you need to create video content for your course? 

Every faculty has a studio space with equipment where academics are able to record content for use in blended learning courses. Equipment is standardised across all faculties.

Contact the faculty directly to book the space (see details below). Book a training session with CLTD or attend one of our monthly workshop training sessions. Contact Michelle for more information on training, or call 011 717 7182.

Faculty of Humanities:

South West (SW) Engineering building Room 4
Keys for the studio are with Asiya Mahomed (SW Engineering Building 7c)
Contact person for booking: Asiya Mahomed

Faculty of Engineering:

Engineering library, Chamber of Mines building
Keys for the studio at the Engineering library circulation desk
Contact person for booking: Librarian at circulation desk

Faculty of Science:

School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics-first floor Room 129
Keys for the studio are with Kebadirestse Mosiane (School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics: first floor Room 101)
Contact person for booking: Kebadirestse Mosiane

Faculty of Commerce Law and Management:

CLM building(room tbc)
Keys for the studio are with Leigh Thuynsma (CLM building room 110)
Contact person for booking: Leigh Thuynsma

Faculty of Health Science:

Wits Medical School Room 3P29
Keys for the studio are with Carl Nkosi (Wits Medical School, 3P29)
Contact person for booking: Carl Nkosi