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Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Commerce, Law, and Management

Road to Success Programme

The Road to Success Programme is the Faculty’s student success and support unit. It consists of four Academic Advisors and 15 Peer Advisors. The work of the RSP is informed by an Ethic of Care and revolves around providing intentional and holistic support to CLM students, by being responsive to their expressed needs. 

Each Academic Advisor has a number of academic programmes assigned to them, which means they are able to provide dedicated support to students enrolled for those programmes. This is important, as forming a meaningful relationship with a person in the university has been shown to improve students’ chances of persevering and being successful.

The Academic Advisors’ work is supplemented by the Peer Advisors, who are senior undergraduate students from within the faculty. Collectively, the RSP advisors work to form a net of support for CLM students and to guide them throughout their academic journey at Wits.