Graduate Recruitment Programme

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Put your degree to work!

The Wits Graduate Recruitment Programme is a free service offered to Wits students and aims to facilitate contact between Wits students and prospective employers. 

We host career events and sessions throughout the year, ranging from premium career fairs and recruitment events to educational workshops and panels as well as a recruitment guide/Newsletter. 

What is the GRP all about

With webinars, events, presentations, and careers fairs, there is something for everyone

Whether you attend one of our premium career fairs or a more specialised recruitment event in a virtual or on-site format, there are many opportunities to learn about career opportunities. In addition to events that are offered through the GRP, there are other organisational career events that may interest you which may be offered on- and off-campus.

Career Fairs

Meet with a number of prospective employers on campus all in one day. The career fairs are industry specific. The following career fairs are planned for 2022; Engineering, Math/ IT & Computer Science, Accounting as well as a General All degrees careers fair. These are often scheduled from 08h00 till 15h30.

Virtual Career Webinars

Connect with prospective employers interested in recruiting from the Wits student talent pool.

Recruitment Events

Recruitment events gives you an opportunity to connect with organizations that are recruiting or networking for future opportunities in information sessions, company presentations, showcases and other events. These events also offer an opportunity to showcase your networking skills.

Company Presentations

These degree-specific presentations feature an employer representative/s who gives a brief presentation about their organization, the projects they work on, and their available opportunities. These presentations are usually scheduled during student lunchtime or after lectures. 1 Hour is normally allocated for the presentations which includes Q&A at the end of the presentation. Sometimes there is time after the presentation for a 1 on 1 consultation with the employer –this is a valuable opportunity for you to make an individual connection

Even though presentations offer a more casual environment than a career fair, be intentional with your plans when attending these employer information sessions. For employers that you are hoping to impress, pay attention during their presentations. Company presenters’ notice who is most engaged, and some of their information may spark questions you can ask later in the presentation or after the presentation, possibly during a job interview.


Tailoring your experience

Finding Career Events for YOU

At any career event, you have the chance to talk with employers about your qualifications and motivations to pursue a specific career path, as well as the work that the recruiting company does and potential opportunities that are available. Your goal is to show that you are more than just your resumé in order to make a human connection and begin building a relationship.

For job search strategies participate in the Journey to Employability Programme (JEM)

NB!!  To be successful at attending events requires advanced planning and visualization. Learn how to do your research ahead of time so that you make the most of this opportunity.

Here are some tips to remember for introductions at virtual events:

  • Create a Designated Space: Make sure that your surroundings help you feel comfortable and ready to engage in a formal conversation. Make sure that your background is simple, your face has good lighting, your camera is at eye level, and your name is spelled correctly in the profile or account that may be visible during the event. Look sharp with Wits background images – 
  • Make Eye Contact: Stare at the camera, not at the screen. In the first few seconds of getting to know you, research shows that people collect an enormous amount of information through social cues, so you want to make recruiters feel like you are making an authentic connection by looking them "in the eye."
  • Anticipate Connection Issues: Be prepared to join the meeting early and check for any connection issues that may occur. It is best to have a backup plan ready just in case! Bring the Edge!

Here are some tips when introducing yourself during an on campus event:

  • Prepare Your Physical Greeting: Traditionally, before Covid, it is typically most appropriate to greet someone with a firm handshake. These customs have changed in a post-COVID-19 world, so we recommend choosing an alternative greeting that is within your comfort zone, such as an elbow bump, foot tap, or friendly nod.
  • Practice with a Friend: No matter which way you choose to introduce yourself, it always helps to prepare in advance with a friend. Choose someone you are comfortable around so that they can give you honest feedback!

 Indicating your intention to speak:

  • Listen in Line: On-site events usually involve a few minutes of waiting in line before you speak with an employer. Use the "raised hand function" on the online platform when necessary.  Use the time when not speaking wisely - notice the employer's reactions to different topics of the conversation.