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Committee Members

The club is run by a small Committee, which is elected every year by the members at the Club's AGM. Committee members and members in general, donate their time and 'in-kind' support for the operation and management of the club.

Some funds are raised through 'special events' and 'promotions' designed to enhance the cultural and intellectual milieu afforded to the membership. But the vast majority of the Club's revenue is from the aforementioned membership fees.

2014/2015 Committee members

Sipho Mhlambi (Chairperson)
Macphee Madzivhe (Vice Chairperson)

Other members:
Catherine Namono
James Musonda
Joe Giuseppe 


The PiG operates thanks to the team work between the people behind the bar and the Committee Members. The PiG has a kitchen and a bar. After the PIG was renovated in 2008, Olives and Plates started running the kitchen and the bar.


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