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Please note that suppliers are only registered onto the Wits Supplier Database in the following instances:

  • A business need must exist in a department of the University. This department would request and motivate for the supplier to be loaded onto the Wits database. Subsequent to this request made internally and dependant on intermediary approval, the supplier will receive an email with a unique link to access the system and complete the application form online. This request is sent for further consideration to the relevant authorities. If the relevant authorities have approved the request, then the supplier is loaded on the Wits supplier database.
  • Suppliers are also registered as a result of a tender process. When needed, the University will advertise an open tender or invite suitable companies to bid for Tender requests that its community requires.

We do not have a separate database for suppliers that want to submit their details for potential procurement activities (for example tenders or requests for quotations). We recommend that you continuously monitor this website for opportunities to tender.

The Supplier Onboarding system is an online system that will enable Suppliers to apply for registration online.
The purpose of this document is to guide/assist the Suppliers through the Onboarding process.
Note this should be read with the email that is sent to you displaying the unique link to log into the system