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Research in the Faculty of Science

Science research

Research Entities
  • Materials Physics Research Institute, Elias Sideras-Haddad
  • Molecular Sciences Institute, Dean Brady
  • Rock Art Research Institute, David Pearce
  • Economic Geology Research Institute, Judith Kinnaird
  • Mandelstam Institute for Theoretical Physics, Joao Rodrigues
  • Protein Structure Function Research Unit, Heinrich Dirr
  • Applicable Analysis & Number Theory Research Unit, Arnold Knopfmacher
  • African Ecology and Conservation Biology Research Group, Francesca Parrini
  • Nuclear Structure Research Group, John Carter
  • Ancient Cognition and Culture in Africa Research Group, Lyn Wadley
  • Evolutionary Studies Institute (new 2018), Marion Bamford
SARChI Chairs
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry, Orde Munro
  • Exploration, Earthquake and Mining Seismology, Raymond Durrheim
  • Global Change and Systems Analysis, Mary Scholes
  • Palaeosciences, Christopher Henshilwood
  • Protein Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Heinrich Dirr
  • Radio Astronomy (SKA)
  • String Theory and Fundamental Physics, Robert De Mello Koch
  • Theoretical Particle Cosmology (SKA), Vishnu Jejjala
National Research Foundation (NRF) A-rated Scientists
  • Lewis Ashwal, Geosciences
  • Darell Comins, Physics
  • Andrew Forbes, Physics
  • Christopher Henshilwood, Evolutionary Studies Institute
  • David Lewis-Williams, Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
  • Florian Luka, Mathematics
  • Fazal Mahomed, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  • Norman Owen-Smith, Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences
  • Bruce Rubidge, Evolutionary Studies Institute
  • Robert Scholes, Global Change Institute
  • Roger Sheldon, Chemistry
  • Roger Smith, Evolutionary Studies Institute
  • Lyn Wadley, Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
  • Yuliya Zelenyuk, Mathematics

For more information about our A-rated researchers, visit the Wits Research site.