Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

The study of engineering involves the conservation and development of the earth’s natural, agricultural and mineral resources in order to serve humanity’s needs. In addition, engineering plays a vital role in the survival of the South African and international economies. We often take for granted our roads, bridges, buildings, cars, aeroplanes, fuels, electricity, television and telephones, but none of these would be possible without engineers.

The range of options in our faculty includes information engineering and biomedical engineering (within Electrical Engineering), and environmental engineering (within Civil Engineering). There are a wide range of qualifications available in our faculty and career opportunities for engineers are limitless, extending beyond the engineering sector. 

Degrees in the Built Environment address the social, spatial and infrastructural needs of a transforming South Africa. This includes the degrees in Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Property Studies and Quantity Surveying. The delivery of affordable housing, the development of rural and urban environments, and meeting other social and physical challenges form the basis of the teaching, learning and research programmes that are offered by this particular Faculty.

The Faculty also maintains strong links with industry – via student bursaries, scholarships and internships – and has the highest number of endowed professorships or chairs at the University of the Witwatersrand.