Centre in Water Research and Development

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Design the Face of Wits:H2O

The Wits Centre in Water Research and Development (CiWARD) is rebranding to Wits:H2O. To celebrate this change, we are hosting a Logo Design Contest, and we want you to be a part of it!

About us

We support research in all aspects of water, such as acid mine drainage, sanitation challenges, environmental law, and climate change, through the lens of the global South.

Our approach

Water problems cannot be solved through the effort of one discipline alone. We support research and development in water by embracing complexity and collaboration as the mechanism for creating novel findings and insights. Our research covers systems and the environment, water recovery, society and education.

Why we exist

Globally, water resources are under threat. Increased urbanisation, increased industrialisation, increasing populations, climate change and pollution all have harmful effects on water as a resource. In addition, there are a number of confounding factors such as the scarcity of skilled people, especially in the water space. According to the UN, billions of people still lack access to safe drinking water (2 billion), sanitation (3.6 billion) and hygiene (2.3 billion). 

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